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How much weight lose on hcg diet

What am I doing wrong? I think the total average can depend on 1 how much weight you have to lose 2 your age, 3 how long you have had the weight on your body, 4 health issues, and other individual factors. I have seen this in myself and others every time. In other words,… Read More »

Two much sugar in diet

Eat foods like : Asparagus, effects of sugar, sometimes the most basic ones diet to. That is close to the stress, anxiety sugar even shakiness of soda. With all the other terrifying broccoli, carrots, two, celery, leafy greens and sweet potatoes. The result: we consume way much much added sugar. Eating too much sugar induces… Read More »

Ketogenic diet how much mea

In India, religious beliefs commonly affect the diet: for instance, Hindus consider cows sacred animals not to be killed and eaten, Islam forbids consumption of pork, and strict vegetarians of the Jain faith do not eat root vegetables. At the very minimum, humans need to eat enough protein to repair our muscles and do all… Read More »

I ate way too much on keto diet

It is totally up to you which one you want to add to your tracker. You should hit your proteins goals or come slightly under g occasionally. But, it could also be something you are eating too much of like stevia or other ‘keto treats’. Fasting blood sugar came back into the normal range. Our… Read More »