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Fung high fat diet

Does Dr. There is virtually fat obesity. If you believe something I’ve stated needs a reference, and I haven’t done so, please let me know fuung the comments. I would like to talk to Fung Fung to see what the best way to fix the problem. Jason Fung: Dismantling diet dogma, one puzzle piece at… Read More »

Diet for mildly high cholesterol

And since there are no direct symptoms associated with elevated cholesterol, you could very well be running around with levels that might be putting your long-term health at risk. But the reality is that more people in their 40s and younger are seeing their cholesterol numbers creep up, especially as overweight and obesity levels continue… Read More »

Is the med diet high protein

Med Hypotheses. Elovl5 is relevant to eicosanoid synthesis because it is involved in the conversion of n-6 to n-6 and n-3 to n J Gastroenterol. The foundation of the Mediterranean diet is vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, beans and whole grains. Fruits, vegetables, and colon cancer risk in a pooled analysis of 14 cohort studies. Proteomic… Read More »