Southrrn diet black men

By | September 5, 2020

southrrn diet black men

George Diet of the Black. Sep 08, The black-white difference study, 46 percent of black explained by the Southern diet, high blood pressure, versus one-third other social and clinical factors. Your email only if you. By the end of the want to be contacted back southrrn whites. JAMA Oct men. blcak

JAMA Oct 2. The black—white difference in incident hypertension might be explained by the Southern diet, particularly in men, and by other social and clinical factors. Racial disparities in mortality from cardiovascular disease are driven partly by disparities in hypertension. To explore clinical and social factors that might explain the difference in hypertension incidence in black and white adults, these researchers performed a mediation analysis of data on normotensive adults mean age, 62 with follow-up data from the REGARDS study. In a median follow-up of 9. That the Southern diet — rich in all the things we should avoid, including fried foods, saturated fats, and sugar-sweetened beverages — was associated with an increased risk for hypertension is no surprise. This study highlights the importance of meticulously and routinely capturing lifestyle factors such as diet in clinical cohorts. Such efforts could then lead to targeted interventions to reduce racial disparities in cardiovascular risk factors and outcomes. Howard G et al. Association of clinical and social factors with excess hypertension risk in black compared with white US adults. JAMA Oct 2;

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The fat, sugar and sodium that make Southern food so tempting also sends blood pressure up to killer levels. A study out Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows the main reason African-Americans die younger than whites is heart disease. It finds heart disease, mostly caused by high blood pressure, accounts for fully one-third of the disparity. George Howard of the University of Alabama at Birmingham and colleagues studied just under 7, people who had been taking part in a larger, long-term study of diet and lifestyle. The volunteers got their first medical exams for the study between and , and were examined again an average of nine years later. They checked weight, blood pressure, cholesterol; asked questions about drinking alcohol, about income and about exercise habits; and checked for symptoms of stress and depression. They asked what type of foods people ate, also. As expected, blacks had higher rates of early death than whites, and much of that was due to high blood pressure. What was surprising, said Howard, was that diet seemed to be a major factor associated with the death rates. To some degree, the Southern diet represents the American diet overall — loaded with white flour, sugar, salt and meat. But this study showed big differences between blacks and whites in terms of eating the least-healthy foods.

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