Plant based diet effect glaucoma

By | March 6, 2021

plant based diet effect glaucoma

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Thanks, Strix, for explaining your perspective. I would try overdose on kale and green collard and carrots and peaches. Then Steve, himself a health care professional, shared the fact that he has heard Dr. Learn to use the right herbs and spices in your food. Nutr Metab lond. The ocular hypotensive effect of saffron extract in primary open angle glaucoma: a pilot study. Another study by Giaconi et al. I live to perform and keep in good shape.

It is important to note that, at this juncture, the only proven method to treat glaucoma is to lower eye pressure. Also, when considering the population-based studies mentioned below that have examined the question of diet and glaucoma, they are primarily addressing whether dietary factors play a role in the development and diagnosis of glaucoma, and not whether they can help slow the progression of the disease. An often asked question is whether caffeine affects eye pressure and glaucoma. It is known that caffeine can cause a several point rise in eye pressure that lasts for at least 90 minutes. However, whether that increase is of concern is best addressed between the patient and their eye doctor. A good rule of thumb is to exercise moderation with caffeine consumption. One cup of coffee is unlikely to cause any harm, but if you like to drink large amounts of coffee consider switching some of that consumption to decaffeinated. With regard to alcohol consumption, it is known that alcohol can lower eye pressure in the very short term, but there is no data to suggest that drinking alcohol reduces the risk of developing glaucoma or prevents its progression. As with almost everything, moderation is a good idea. As oxidative stress is thought to be an important feature of glaucoma, there have been several studies examining the relationship between antioxidant intake and glaucoma.

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