Molly fish proper food diet

By | November 3, 2020

molly fish proper food diet

Mollies are one of the most popular fish species among pet fish owners. There are dozens of different kinds of mollies, all having different colors. Mollies are actually really easy to care for. What do mollies eat? Due to their omnivorous nature, they can eat both plants and meat and are not picky eaters. With that being said, you really need to be careful about their feeding habits, proper feeding schedule, and the quality of their diet. It is hard to figure out what are the best food products for mollies if you have never owned a molly before. This article will help you find the best fish food for your mollies and a lot more regarding their feeding habits and how to take care of them.

Topic : I have a 20g aquarium with a bunch of molly fish. What is the best food to feed them? I was told that not all brands are good quality? Should I only feed them a certain food? I need some help here. I can help you with this question you have. The best food for aquarium molly fish is a mix of live foods and regular fish food.

Quick Stats. Mollies are one of those most popular fish in the aquarium hobby, and most people have had at one time, at least one of these gentle and attractive live bearers in their fish tank. Most people mistakenly believe that there is only one species of molly available in fish stores, but there are actually three separate species available in the aquarium trade. However, at this point, most of the mollies available are so hopelessly hybridized, that it would be impossible to determine which species they originated from. If you ever come across wild mollies in a fish store, they will usually come from one of two species. The first species is sailfin mollies Poecilia latipinna which are found in the coastal waters of the southeast United States and around the Gulf of Mexico.

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You should try looking proper up diet your area. Mollies do not just feed on algae, they eat vegetables too. After keeping fish in a large tank for years, I now only have a 25 gallon tall. Live foods such as daphnia, fisu, and molly brine food.

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